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Cloverfield (2008) – User Review

Ok, ok. Maybe the title I used is a little bit pretentious. I mean, there are other awesome found footages. But let me use this title with this MASTERPIECE. I was in the mood for a good classic, I chose Cloverfield and gosh… Every time it’s almost as good as the first time. I’ll not consider all the (clever) marketing moves before the movie got out, let’s just consider the ...


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Operation Avalanche (2016) – User Review

I really love these guys. I already loved them in “The Dirties” and I love them also here. Especially Matt Johnson, the protagonist and the director. He’s an amazing actor(he chooses the perfect roles that suit his acting) and a really creative actor. But let’s be precise. This ISN’T a horror found footage, that has to be said. As “The Dirties”. But I don&...


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The Visit (2015) – User Review

I’m very disappointed by this one. I knew it was one of the most famous found-footage movies in recent years (even if fame is hardly ever a good quality for found-footage), but I never got to see it. I didn’t even know it was directed by Shyamalan. I’ve found out that just now, at the end of the movie. And let’s say that I kinda understand better now all the negative things...


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Phoenix Forgotten (2017) – User Review

Finally I’ve found a totally satisfactory found footage film! I don’t get at all the user ratings on this one, ’cause it is almost perfect found footage. But let’s start analyzing it.The reason for filming is totally reasonable. Because the movie appears to be a mockumentary, done by a girl(Sophie) The reason for filming is totally reasonable. Since the movie appears to be ...


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Alien Abduction (2014) – User Review

I started watching this movie not knowing what to expect: the site rating is really high, while the users rate it differently. I think that the truth is in between these two outcomes. It started badly, really badly… Some annoying “spooky” written information to explain that the tape is “real.” When will found footage directors understand that NOT writing is 10 times m...


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Exists (2014) – Overedited and Disappointing

I’m really disappointed with this found footage film. I’ve seen good rates and was hoping to see something good, but I did not enjoy it very much… And the disappointment is bigger if I think that the director is the same that realized the masterpiece The Blair Witch Project, a movie that seems to be made by a totally different person… I know that he directed also a part in ...


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The Bucks County Massacre (2010) – User Review

Finding a good found footage is really hard! But this one, even if not very original, can be considered a pleasant one. The plot is simple: a birthday party becomes a nightmare when a girl goes missing and panic starts to spread. The movie takes some ideas from good old found footage classics and that’s a good thing! It begins as the recording of a party (like the starting situation in Clove...

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