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Evidence (2013)

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Evidence (2013)

A detective hunts down a killer using video footage shot by the victims of a massacre at an abandoned gas station.

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  • Peter Hoffman

    This movie is a mix of CSI, The Hills Have Eyes remake and the classic The Exterminator. The “violent” found footage parts are pretty good, but it ultimately reminded me of Vantage Point which is rather boring compared to the elements that this genre has to give.

    • Another thing to keep in mind is that the original Paranormal Activity was the first movie of it’s kind to really break though the Hollywood barrier. Most viewers had never seen anything like this before. The film had some great jump scares and truly creepy moments for a film of its time — A brief preview of my review coming later this week 😉

    • FoundFootageCritic

      I agree with the films you’re referencing. For me the transition between found footage and narrative took me out of the film a bit.

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