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Found Footage Streaming

Rent and watch found footage horror films without leaving our site. Rental fees go towards supporting indie horror filmmakers and Found Footage Critic's operating costs.

Found Footage Film Streaming – Rent New Found Footage Films Here

Welcome to Found Footage Critic Streaming. Watch the latest found footage feature length films created by budding indie filmmakers from around the world. Your rentals will help support the efforts of independent filmmakers. We also offer free viewing of public domain found footage films openly distributed by the original content owners.

Found Footage Critic Streaming is powered by Vimeo™. All payments, security, video hosting, and streaming are managed through Vimeo, ensuring a safe and high performance viewing experience. If you are a filmmaker with a found footage film that you would like to offer for rental on our streaming service, please contact us or read more about the benefits of using our streaming service here.

Editor’s Picks

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Slaughterhouse (2012) – Full Movie – Free

Found footage film following five youngsters are on their way back home. They stop the car for no reason and they begin to disappear, one by one. Some...[Read More]

Shades (2013) – Full Movie – Free

Found footage film where three young tourists buy a sunglass camera to record their trip to Los Angeles – and get mixed up in a drug deal gone wrong. ...[Read More]

The Ghost Footage 2 (2013) – Full Movie – Free

Found footage film where Jason Greenwood moves into a new apartment to start his life over again after the events of the last six years of paranormal ...[Read More]

The Ghost Footage (2011) – Full Movie – Free

Jason Greenwood films the haunting in his home in hopes to figure out what it wants. Three years later he starts to film his stories of the haunting a...[Read More]

Home Video (2016) [aka The Purging Hour] – Full Movie – Rental

Home Video (2016) – Synopsis With the hopes of a new life for his family, Bruce Diaz left the harsh city for the serene and majestic mountains o...[Read More]

Bodom (2014) – Full Movie – Rental

Bodom (2014) – Synopsis Bodom (2014) is a found footage film and found footage horror. For the 50th anniversary of the Lake Bodom murders, two m...[Read More]

Devil Dog Shuck Returns (2016) – Full Movie – Rental

Devil Dog Shuck Returns (2016) – Synopsis Found footage film with a new take on the folklore tales of the horrific beast terrorizing Suffolk and...[Read More]

Demon of the Flats (2012) – Full Movie – Free

Demon of the Flats (2012) – Full Movie – Film Synopsis Found footage film mockumentary filmed in the American Flats of Gold Hill, Nevada, ...[Read More]

Black Shuck (2012) – Full Movie – Rental

Black Shuck (2012) – Synopsis Black Shuck (2012) is a found footage film and found footage horror. This film consists of a video diary as found ...[Read More]

U Mugs (2012) – Full Movie – Rental

U Mugs (2012) – Synopsis Found footage film where a low budget filmmaker is shooting a documentary about his early comic mishaps in film, making...[Read More]

Assignment (2013) – Full Movie – Rental

Assignment (2013) – Synopsis Richard, a local streetwise guy, becomes aware that his favourite coastal walk has some unsavoury characters appear...[Read More]

Thumb N It (2012) – Full Movie – Rental

Thumb N It (2012) – Synopsis Thumb N It (2012) is a found footage film and found footage horror. A shy withdrawn country lad (Eric) is watching ...[Read More]

Collateral Consequences (2012) – Full Movie – Rental

Collateral Consequences (2012) – Synopsis Two men work as low budget film stuntmen and stunt coordinators but a stunt backfires and one is injur...[Read More]

Rash (2014) – Full Movie (Short) – Free

Password Required to Watch Full Movie Due to the overwhelming number of requests from our readers to see Rash, director of this film, Merryl Roche gra...[Read More]

Case No. 666/2013 (2013) – Full Movie – Free

Case No. 666/2013 (2013) – Full Movie – Found Footage Film Synopsis Case No. 666/2013 (2013) is a found footage film and found footage hor...[Read More]

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