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Found Footage Streaming

Rent and watch found footage horror films without leaving our site. Rental fees go towards supporting indie horror filmmakers and Found Footage Critic's operating costs.

Found Footage Film Streaming – Rent New Found Footage Films Here

Welcome to Found Footage Critic Streaming. Watch the latest found footage feature length films created by budding indie filmmakers from around the world. Your rentals will help support the efforts of independent filmmakers. We also offer free viewing of public domain found footage films openly distributed by the original content owners.

Found Footage Critic Streaming is powered by Vimeo™. All payments, security, video hosting, and streaming are managed through Vimeo, ensuring a safe and high performance viewing experience. If you are a filmmaker with a found footage film that you would like to offer for rental on our streaming service, please contact us or read more about the benefits of using our streaming service here.

Editor’s Picks

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Windigo (2011) – Full Movie – Free

Windigo (2011) – Full Movie – Film Synopsis Windigo (2011) is a found footage film and found footage horror. Windigo (2011) is a found foo...[Read More]

Wexford (2015) – Full Movie (Short) – Free

Wexford (2015) – Full Movie – Film Synopsis Wexford (2015) is a found footage film and found footage horror. Wexford (2015) is a found foo...[Read More]

The Tunnel (2011) – Full Movie – Free

The Tunnel (2011) – Full Movie – Film Synopsis The Tunnel (2011) is a found footage film and found footage horror. The Tunnel (2011) is a ...[Read More]

Reel (2015) – Full Movie – Free

Reel (2015) – Full Movie – Film Synopsis Reel (2015) is a found footage film and found footage horror. One of the sickest bloodbaths in ho...[Read More]

Seething (2013) – Full Movie – Free

Seething (2013) – Full Movie – Film Synopsis Seething (2013) is a found footage film and found footage horror. A found footage horror/thri...[Read More]

UFO Abduction (1989) – Full Movie – Free

UFO Abduction (1989) – Full Movie – Film Synopsis On a typical fall evening in 1983, a young man was videotaping his niece’s 5th bir...[Read More]

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