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Jenny’s House (2012)

2010s All Releases Camcorder Daytime Document Event Horror Short TBD

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Jenny’s House (2012) – Full Movie – Free

Found footage horror movie where three young ghost-hunters enter a home where the recent murder of a young girl took place. But as the night goes on, things become more terrifying as they realize there may be no escape from Jenny’s House. My Murder, My House, There is No Escape!

Jenny’s House (2012) – Found Footage¬†– Full Movie

  • Jenny’s House (2012) is a found footage¬†horror short

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Found Footage Critic

  • David trueslayor

    When you start watching this movie and see that the main protagonist’ are young kids – you immediately think ok this is one of those films where kids have a new camera a place to film and a lot of time and energy on there hands but not much more. Well your instincts can sometimes fool you, but not this time. This movie is cute and even entertaining perhaps to its peers (teenagers who are hopped up on popcorn and too much sugar) but as a serious film its not it is what it is future film makers in the making…30 years from now….with some luck…and a relative in the business….and perhaps a animal sacrifice (sorry). Anyways the up side-there is a website like FOUND FOOTAGE CRITIC that gives all films a chance and for fans and filmmakers , even ones in puberty , thats all one needs. 2 out of 10 = Mangos (rating score) Tangos = Children of the Corn 17 & I was a Teenage Wombat 3 (comparison films)

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