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POV Horror #3: The Mitchell Tapes

The Mitchell Tapes is a composite of found footage surviving the aftermath of a paranormal investigation gone wrong. The concept of their new reality TV series, “The Ghost Kids,” was to gather a group of teenagers who were sensitive to the paranormal, and have them investigate the most haunted locations in the country.


Abby Hills, Alyssa Keller, Amber Hills, Breanna Crowell, Brianna Joseph, Brittany Crawford, Brooklyn Rummell, Chelsea Camerlengo, Chuck Lamb, Fox, Handy Mike, Jason Krotky, Joe Estevez, John Wheeler, Joseph Knapik, Matt Lewis, Mike Neider, Natalie Stigall, Notch Johnson, Pain, Patrick Kunkle, Rick Hills, Robert Nicol, Ryan Gardener, Scott Sheeley, Shane Stefanchick, Tish Havel, Travis George, Twila Diawara

DVD Features

  • Feature film
  • Movie Trailer
  • Trailers for found footage films released by POV Horror

Movie Trailer


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