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Rorschach (2015) – Full Movie – Free

Found footage movie where two skeptic researchers investigate a mother’s claim that an unknown presence may be trying to communicate with her 7-year-old daughter.

Rorschach (2015) – Found Footage Film – Full Movie

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Found Footage Critic

  • perilular peri

    It’s amazing how high budget found footage movies just can’t achive what this movie did. I have really enjoyed Rorschach.

  • Sam

    This was so, so good… Most of the found footage style movies are absolute crap these days, but this one really stayed true to the original concept. It reminded me a lot of the Blair Witch Project in that you can’t see whatever is happening and that just makes it ten times creepier. So well executed, with the audio being almost the main source of the events taking place, so insanely creepy that the hair on the back of my neck was standing up throughout almost the entire movie. And the part with the feet behind the bathroom door freaked me out like nothing else, I had to look away because it was so overwhelmingly, again, creepy! I keep using that word, but I feel like if someone wanted to find a movie to watch using just the word “creepy” as the search subject, this would be the first movie on the list. I can’t say it enough times, LOVED this movie, loved the lack of cheap jump scares and that the atmosphere created was so exquisitely done, keeping you totally uncomfortable and tense in the way that true horror fans love. Awesome movie, would totally recommend to anyone looking for something like The Blair Witch Project or the original Paranormal Activity.

    • perilular peri

      Simply agree

  • Stephanie Mitchell

    wow just wow

  • Dominique Heffley

    Well done guys! Very well done. Great tension and timing.

  • Kieran McGovern

    I thought this was excellent. It must have taken real discipline to maintain the slow, creepy atmosphere and not to fill the time with lazy jump-scares or a compromise ending. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

    • Marcos

      Exactly. A lot of discipline. No other way…

  • Thanks for sharing this great movie – what a wonderful gift to a total found footage horror addict like me!

  • Thanks for sharing this great movie – what a wonderful gift to a total found footage horror addict like me!

    • C. A. Smith

      Thanks for the kind words, Kerem. We’re currently on the film fest circuit & getting ready to shoot two more found footage films. If you get a chance, subscribe.

      • Marcos

        I’ve felt satisfaction watching Rorschach. I hope you get to make more films

  • David trueslayor

    This is my first post on FFC (im sure thats how the seasoned critics refer to the site as), and Rorschach is the first film i have watched as well. What do i think -I will say first I really liked it a lot. I have watched almost every found footage paranormal film, which includes possession, and the demonic in this sub genre and some fringe sci-fi too. Rorschach is just a solid smart good film, its not a shocker or a jump scare fest or a slashers dream its smart the acting , cast and writing carry this movie which is rare to say the least. It may bore some who are looking for CGI apparitions – levitations – naked breasts or levitating breasts. Its not Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch but Rorschach does have (like the 2 mentioned) that slow deliberate constantly moving burn with very likeable characters that don’t drive you crazy screaming the entire film or complaining it gives you a beginning middle and an end its ghost lore is sensible and lets you decide what it is or isn’t without leaving you in the dark. The special effects are few but well done and not really needed. So all in all i give it = 7 out of 10 Mangos (score) and a Tango of “An American Ghost Story” (comparison film).

    • C. A. Smith

      Hey, David. Writer/director of Rorschach here. We’re glad you enjoyed our film. It sounds like you really get what we were going for. We intentionally utilized the slow-burn approach, as it’s a quality present in all the great horror films, & we wanted to leave the events open to interpretation. Hence, our title. We didn’t have a lot of money, so we had to rely on creativity & our cast. Thanks so much for your review!

      • David trueslayor

        Your welcome, you and your crew did an amazing job. I could literally watch movies like yours all day long, unfortunately I cant because there not out there- so go make so more of them dammit, lol. Good job , Take care David!!!

      • I didn’t feel the lack of budget at all impacted the work you did on the piece. Watched your other short films on your Youtube channel as well. Great work! My partner is not a fan of the genre, but he loved this one.

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