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Afflicted (2013) – Effective, Believable Enough, Super Entertaining!

User Rating: 8


Two best friends, one with a diagnosed terminal disease, embark on a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world during the ill’s last months of life. When in Europe, he contracts a mysterious disease that changes him in a very interesting way (not telling!)

I loved it. After watching it without having myself spoiled by any trailers or anything, I was pretty surprised to see what the film turned into. The idea is fresh and the FF (found footage) setting suits it perfectly. But naturally, there are several holes that remain unexplained by the end.

Plot is an 9/10


The film is shot entirely through professional cameras. Our lead characters, Derek and Clif, are documenting their trip and uploading every single video to their blog, so that’s a fair enough reason to film everything. There IS music throughout the movie, but it doesn’t really take away the realism because the film is supposed to feel like an unfinished documentary. Sadly, by the end of the movie, the character keeps filming even though he’s in the middle of a gunfight; and there are some other segments that one in real life wouldn’t want or need to film at all.

Footage is a 7/10


Both characters, Derek and Lee do pretty good jobs on making the movie seem real. In general, I didn’t feel like there were forced dialogues or overreacting at all. This is a very important aspect that Afflicted seemed to care of flawlessly. Still, some extras obviate that it’s a movie, but you can choose to ignore them.

Acting is an 8/10


Yes, Afflicted does feel like a documentary and a real video for the most part. As with the other points, at the ending there is no actual reason to keep recording while in danger! That’s something no one would do in real life, so points off to the realism. That aside, before everything takes the dark turn, Afflicted really does a great job on trying to make everything feel authentic. From parties to random conversations, to YouTube comments and funny lines, this movie is a nice example of Found footage done well.

Immersion is an 8/10

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