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Bad Ben (2016) – User Review

User Rating: 1

This literally has to be a joke. My friends and I got together to watch this because we thought the trailer was hilariously bad. It was so bad. A guy obviously just decided that he wanted to make a movie one day. A guy with no acting, writing, filming, or editing experience. The acting is SO bad. I could see if this is rated 7/10 because it’s so good it’s bad, but I am honestly baffled that the review compliments this movie for being anything but a joke. Everyone we’ve shown the trailer thinks it hilariously bad. Think, The Room bad, and this is even worse. This has to be either a review by the film’s sole actor, writer, director; or this is a complete joke.

  • jjjj

    Screw your horrible opinions which honestly are absolutely elitist. This director made a movie better than 90% of scary movies I have seen and I have seen the classics up to present-day IT (2017). Ugh, like I probably had acid reflux from seeing this review you made on foundfootagecritic – which I would say has people that are more open minded about homebrew-awesomeness more than the normal I-like-Michael-Bay “It woulda been good with a budget of 10 million” humans like you and your weird little friends that probably think Cheetos should be the only food group human beings need to survive. I really do not know what Cheetos have to do with this, but thought I would put that in this review of your review too. This makes me so mad, reviews like this.

    *throwing rocks* go back to Rotten Tomatoes and write this there.

    I’d rather make a rad movie on my own like Bad Ben that tons and tons of people like (its popular, the one made *after* Bad Ben wasn’t as popular) than be an overly emotional chump. Like, lodge complaints like that against those with budgets over 10 million if that is really how you value things, because they probably won’t care as much nor will anyone else care as much about your opinions.

    However, you try to say “The acting is SO bad” about a genuine film that is obviously a passion project for the director and its actually good? And the acting was believable? I watched it twice. The movie after Bad Ben had bad acting but interesting twists to it. But Bad Ben? This was well done.

    I will throw rocks at you all day. Like I will build a machine to throw rocks at you continuously. Go eat your Cheetos, take a hike, do some meditating or eat something like a hamburger, and watch Michael Bay or whatever. Don’t come on here to a place that has links to movies on Youtube of cheesy CGI blue ghosts popping up – passion projects made by a group of teenagers – and then insult people who put time and effort to put their heart into something that others absolutely love that was a masterpiece, truly. ESPECIALLY for the budget he did it on. He is unbelievable. I was actually envious of how amazing this entire movie, the story behind how the director did it, the reviews, I mean – I was jealous of it because he did so good! Its so good!

    Anybody who likes Paranormal Activity movies would like this.

    I am just voicing what others are thinking but won’t say. Have a good day now. Youre such a joke, made me so mad. Now I have to go calm down. Thanks a lot.

    • Don Miester

      Agree with jjjj. I’m a huge fan of found footage movies. I agree many are terrible. Bad Ben is not — for a microbudget movie, I’d say I was pleasantly surprised. I thought the acting was quite good for the genre, and it was interesting enough to keep my attention all the way through. It won’t make anybody’s list of favorites, but I’d like to see more from its creators. Personally, I’d rate it as a solid 6.5 out of 10 for the genre.

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