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Followed (2015) – Last 20 Minutes Saved this Movie

User Rating: 8

It was a little slow,but very well done. The last 20 minutes really made the whole movie worthwhile. WHAT AN ENDING!!!!!!!!

  • Gray Games

    I would like to purchase this movie. Looks and sounds great.

  • gemini

    I would buy this movie if it was available on dvd. I agree,a second watch would be nice and “tie up some loose ends”(as Lt Columbo used to say)

  • Amber

    This was actually a somewhat clever movie as far as throwing hints goes.

    They brought up the fact there was a serial killer on the loose in Chicago a few times too many like, yeah, there’s a criminal on the run. We get it. We read the synopsis.

    The two main actors were okay, not great but definitely not terrible. I hated how much the camera started to spazz out toward the end of the film. I get that it got dropped but the use of random film jumps during found footage movies is usually only employed for the sake of jump scares and that gets kind of old.

    I enjoyed the line that Rachel had, “Are you trying to make this thing look even more low budget than it is?” I felt like it was a bit of an easter egg maybe the writer or director poking fun at found footage films. Maybe it was just a line but it still struck me as ironic.

    There was some decent tension buildup. I will say that I did NOT see the twist coming at all. I should’ve, but I honestly didn’t even expect there to be a twist. Kudos to them for getting me there. All in all it was okay. Maybe worth a second glance to see if I can pick up on things I missed the first go around but other than that I probably wouldn’t watch again.

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