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Leaving D.C. (2012) – User Review

User Rating: 8

This is the kind of found footage I LOVE to find. Gosh, what a gem!

Leaving D.C. is a one-man show since the movie is in the form of a videoblog brought on by Mark (the protagonist) and most of the time it’s just him on screen. Mark has OCD and this is a really interesting feature, linked to many details in the movie.

What I love about this movie are its simplicity AND originality. Take note, all you wanna-be found footage directors. You don’t need big budgets, awesome effects, and jumpscares… You just need GOOD ideas.

The plot also is really simple. A man (Mark) is going to live in a new house in the woods very far from DC and from people. His video blog allows us to follow him during his days in the new house, which becomes more and more creepy as time passes, since some paranormal/mysterious things start to happen.

I could feel the tension and immersion during ALL the movie. Plus there were such simple BUT intriguing ideas that helped a lot. For example, the audio analysis by Mark showed in such an immersive way. The OCD feature, which works PERFECTLY during the movie, as a cause for most of Mark’s actions. And then the flute melody heard during most of the nights on the video blog. That was one CLEVER way to terrify the viewer. And HOW Josh played with that melody during the movie is outstanding. The only thing that bothers me is how in the world there is NO OTHER work from Josh. I really wish he could make more masterpieces like this one. It’s such a pity seeing this is his only work since 2012… 🙁

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