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The Tunnel (2011) – User Review

User Rating: 8

Now I’m not a reviewer or anything but I’ll try to review the best I can. Also this is my only source of found footage because it’s a complete site in which I don’t need to go anywhere else. I watched this movie through this site because of the last podcast, which are my new favorite podcast , and has my interest.

So this movie had me skeptical but the acting was good and what’s really cool is the tunnels are actually the star of the movie. Of course it’s not a big budget movie but felt like if more money was thrown at this project that it could have been even better BUT because of its budget I think it has that creepyness of a smaller budget and hungry production team trying to make an amazing movie. Really enjoyed this movie. Had me screaming at the tv at points for the actors to be quiet haha.

My overall 7-8/10

  • Gray Games

    The acting is definitely superb. A lot of times I find, especially in this genre since it’s easy for some to just throw a movie together with no money ,that the acting usually suffers . I was really impressed by ALL the actors abilities and not just one or two. The Tunnels were the scariest part for me. What a great concept and set to work around.
    By the way my name is Jamie Gray aka Gray Games haha. Referring to your last podcast .

  • FoundFootageCritic

    Thanks for the great review. For a found footage film, the budget for THE TUNNEL was actually quite large at $102,000 USD. Also of note, I believe this film was completely crowd funded.

    • Gray Games

      That’s amazing. After I read your reply I looked it up and they released it for free? Seems that crowd funded was all they needed and gave it out for the world to see . 100k production is a good amount .
      I’m going to look this film up some more and see if I can’t find a social media site for this project.

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