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The Wicksboro Incident (2003) – User Review

User Rating: 4.75


Two documentarists take on the story of an electrical engineer who in the 50s used to work for the US government in developing a device that is able to read auras. He assures that all auras looked and sounded the same for every human that they tested, until they found some who weren’t the same, implying that those weren’t humans. The town where he used to work suddenly vaporized into thin air and fifty years later he is ready to tell this story. The first part of the film gives us a very realistic testimony of the story. It feels incredibly real. After that, were are put into a frightening chase thriller, and that’s where the action takes place…

Although the idea is great… What’s with the aura reading device?

Plot is a 7/10


This is a 100% pure found footage, except for the documentary part. There are no ridiculous segments where characters run while perfectly handling the camera or things like that. No, The Wicksboro Incident isn’t afraid to make rapid and abrupt camera movements, as should be! Our characters are being chased by the government; there’s no time to film for posterity! It also isn’t afraid to leave the viewers in absolute pitch dark, with the sounds of desperation and the outside of the car being the only source of information. Although it’s an amazing effort for a realistic camerawork, this movie exaggerates on its use of soundtrack… There’s music pretty much all the running time! One could just dismiss it and watch the film, but there are some parts where it’s hard to make out what the characters are saying, especially at the documentary part. So, for that sad downside…

Footage is a 5/10


A weak point for this movie is the acting. Both filmmakers are pretty awkward when expressing how scared they feel about the US government being after them. (Spoiler alert) there’s a scene where the guy films his face and says some words to the camera (the Blair Witch way) and, well, that didn’t really work for me. The one that takes the credit for the acting is Lloyd (the old man), as he is the one that tells his whole story before the film takes us to the chasing part. There’s also stupid decisions they make that at least I think I wouldn’t do in real life! Luckily, the footage redeems this below-average acting.

Acting is a 3/10


It got it right at the beginning. The documentary part is really good and anyone who doesn’t know that it’s just a movie could easily be fooled into thinking that it’s a real interview. For the chasing part, everything feels right, but it would have felt very real and in general the movie would have been a chilling thriller if it weren’t for the music… That just takes away all of the realism and not even Lloyds acting, nor the pitch black scenes with only flickering lights can save the movie from that.

Immersion is a 4/10

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