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OutLast (2023) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

A group of paranormal enthusiasts set out to investigate a haunted Castle on Halloween night. Excited to capture evidence of the afterlife, they quickly realise that the castle is even more active than anticipated. As the night wears on and the paranormal activity intensifies, the group must use all their knowledge and skill to outlast the supernatural forces and uncover the castle's dark history ...

VHS Violence: Bootlegged (2022) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

In this found footage feast, four videos are discovered, each more violent than the last, as we bear witness to the depravity that unravels onscreen.

Capturar: Las 1001 novias (2017) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

A beautiful muse inspires an artist and his older friend to convert a dilapidated auditorium into a lavish rollerskating club.

Horror House Vol. 2 (2021) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Eight men and women were gathered. What is the identity of the woman who joined late?

Big Dick Energy (2022) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Join Vladimir, a Russian former KGB agent, as he investigates what Big Dick Energy really means.

They Come For you At Night (2013) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

The Closer you get to the truth the stronger the walls become.

Go Go Crazy (2011) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

This mockumentary follows five desperate contestants entering a go go boy dancing contest, for a chance at some cash, sex, and glory.

Plague of the Dead (2021) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Survivors of a global pandemic document their attempts to fight a roving band of zombies.

Wakeari: The Haunted Property Next to You (2011) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

A contributor who attends a famous private university decided to live alone in an apartment. However, after about three weeks of living there, strange things began to happen, such as hearing noises coming from the next empty room, or knocking on the door so no one was there when I went out. Then, one day, I was knocked more than usual, and when I looked through the door scope, I saw an eerie long-...

Camera Shy (2012) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

This dark comedy follows a corrupt city councilman whose life spins out of control after a mysterious cameraman begins terrorizing him.

Bringing Back Golden Eye (2021) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

GoldenEye 007 fanboy Glenn sets out on a mission to find out more about the infamous GoldenEye World Championships and it's notorious 19-time champion, Ethan Bellénd. However, the championships are dead and Ethan has vanished.

What I Lived What I Live What I Will Live (2021) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

The past, present and future is the only thing that goes through the mind of the old actor Dirk Holmes, a man that met a new being who makes him reflect on his mistakes, actions, dreams, and keep his show going on.

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