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The Real Ghost Seekers (2020) – Found Footage Films Movie Trailer

Although Danny is hoping to live up to his past glory, his new career as a ghost hunter has mixed results due to his ragtag team of paranormal investigators.

Blood Panther (2021) – Found Footage Films Movie Trailer

Documentarian Jean Rambeau introduces us to a group of real-life Cannibals who live in a steamy Brooklyn basement and don’t know how to act around people.

Diary (2011) – Found Footage Films Movie Trailer

A family’s visual diary project turns strange (or stranger) when the camera reveals that it has plans of its own.

I Was Bitten: The Walker County Incident (2014) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Several victims come forward with tales of an unspeakable creature plaguing Jasper, Alabama.

Going for Golden Eye (2017) – Found Footage Films Movie Trailer

A mockumentary following the last group of elite players preparing to enter the 20th anniversary GoldenEye World Championships in a world which has forgotten all about the classic Nintendo 64 game.

Dead of Night (2019) – Found Footage Films Movie Trailer

Armed with only her phone, a teenage girl must escape a quarantined city full of zombies.

VHS Series (2018) – Found Footage Films Movie Trailer

The next generation of the horror anthology series, bringing four new frightening experiences to the palm of your hand.

Rape (1969) – Found Footage Films Movie Trailer

This film is from the point of view of a cameraman following a young woman through the streets of a city. He chases her down an alley and knocks her over, in a symbolic form of video assault.

Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin (2021) – Found Footage Films Movie Trailer

Plot kept under wraps. Next chapter in the Paranormal Activity film franchise.

Trauma Q: Pretty Dangerous House (2011) – Found Footage Films Movie Trailer

Every day, Goki Bokken, a psychic, visits and investigates families suffering from psychic phenomena, and works to unravel the mystery and solve various situations.

Trauma Q: Laughing Head (2011) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

A video posted on the net shows a long-haired woman sobbing about something. An analysis is performed to unravel the mystery of this video.

Christmaz (2013) – Found Footage Films Movie Trailer

It's Christmas Eve in a small village in the south of Italy when a young boy begins shooting something strange on his iPhone...

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