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Jeffrey’s Hell (2024)

Jeffrey's Hell tells the story of filmmaker Aaron Irons who went missing in the wilderness of East Tennessee in an area known as Jeffrey's Hell.


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Ido Shark (2023)

A video was submitted to Big Summer's psychic investigator team. The video shows a couple visiting an abandoned well at a haunted place, the woman was...[Read More]


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2035 (2023)

In 2035, an American journalist from a broadcasting network visits South Korea to shoot a documentary commemorating the 10th anniversary of Korean reu...[Read More]


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A Time Traveler: 2492 (2022)

Carlos Roma, a time traveler from the year 2492, comes to warn of big disasters and how new technologies will affect humanity.


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Body Dawn (2023)

Two YouTubers try to demystify some rituals and things didn't go as per their expectation.


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The Dead Forest (2014)

Between 2010 and 2013, more than ten people died in the Dead Valley. The medical examination did not find traces of violence in the victims, so it bec...[Read More]


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Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain (1989)

Ernest P. Worrell becomes the world's first "Splashronaut", when he volunteers to be the first person to ride Disneyland's Splash Mountain.


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The Conjuring Tapes (2024)

Anthology horror film from Woof Cat Films. Plot is being kept under wraps.


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The Jersey Devil (2023)

Found footage style pseudo-documentary from Saturn 9 Film Works.


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Psychic Mystery File Cursed Spirit (2000)

Five bizarre tales that invite you into a world of terror.


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Cruel: The Cross Village Encounter (2023)

The case of a young couple allegedly attacked by the Michigan Dog Man, and the crew who interviewed everyone involved. Inevitably the gang of four tra...[Read More]


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Mystery Box: The Amber Green Story (2023)

Intrigued by videos of mystery box openings, Amber orders one for herself from the dark web. Inside lurks an insidious force waiting to be unleashed.


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Stalking (2023)

A trio of youths who have found an old camcorder deep in the wilderness must finish what the original owner started: A documentation of a sinister, hu...[Read More]


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Paranormal Phenomenon: Nights at Excavations (2015)

A group of searchers and diggers went in search of trophies and various military swag buried in places of heavy fighting of the Second World War. The ...[Read More]


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Stéphane (2023)

On the set of his amateur short film, Tim unwittingly meets a certain Stéphane, a gruff, loud-mouthed man with stories that smack of a competition myt...[Read More]


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Share? (2023)

A man struggles to survive after awakening alone, trapped in a society connected only by primitive computers, where the ability to entertain is his on...[Read More]


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A Cold Grave (2024)

A girl vanishes, prompting her brother to brave a dark forest where he unveils the secrets that lurk beneath, and a chilling mystery awaits.


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The Forge Creek Recordings (2025)

Sequel to “The Woodmen” (2023). Plot is kept under wraps.


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Uritorco: at the summit only fear awaits you (2010)

A documentary filmmaker enters the Uritorcoára to film his adventure in the forest. He meets Adriana and soldiers looking for the remains of a UFO cra...[Read More]


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11 Minutes Ago (2007)

Traveling in 11-minute increments, a time-tumbler from 48-years in the future spends two years of his life weaving through a two-hour wedding receptio...[Read More]

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