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Capturar: Las 1001 novias (2017)

A beautiful muse inspires an artist and his older friend to convert a dilapidated auditorium into a lavish rollerskating club.


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Big Dick Energy (2022)

Join Vladimir, a Russian former KGB agent, as he investigates what Big Dick Energy really means.


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Go Go Crazy (2011)

This mockumentary follows five desperate contestants entering a go go boy dancing contest, for a chance at some cash, sex, and glory.


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Bringing Back Golden Eye (2021)

GoldenEye 007 fanboy Glenn sets out on a mission to find out more about the infamous GoldenEye World Championships and it's notorious 19-time champion...[Read More]


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Zeckenkommando vs. Cthulhu (2015)

Lower Saxony’s most hardcore punk band faces off against the forces of evil summoned by their town’s elites.


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Beast with a Budget (2020)

After wooing suits across the festival circuit, Elijahwan gains funding to make his next passion project but has to power through all sorts of wacky p...[Read More]


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Jerusalem (2003)

A group of young actors inhabit an empty apartment, their behavior taped and edited in-camera. An analog solarization technique captures their rituals...[Read More]


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Monster with a Movie Camera (2019)

In this artful and informative documentary, we journey through the formative years of the greatest filmmaker you’ve never heard of, and learn why he i...[Read More]


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Taking a Covid Test (2022)

In 1997, Anhedenia Films made “Watching a Movie”. It featured 90 minutes of a man watching a movie. In 2022, we’re releasing “Taking a Covid Test”. Th...[Read More]


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Divorced Dad (2018)

A newly single man eases the pain of his midlife crisis by launching a public access talk show.


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The Devil’s Tuning (2018)

In this docufiction about a unique guitar technique, it isn't always clear if myths are being investigated or created.


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Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives (2013)

In April 2013, a fishing vessel was attacked off the coast of South Africa, killing all on board. A TV crew documented Marine Biologist Collin Drake a...[Read More]


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La Commune (Paris 1871) (2000)

In this war drama blurring the lines between documentary and fiction, the working class and the bourgeoisie of 19th century Paris are interviewed and ...[Read More]


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Morto Troisi viva Troisi! (1982)

The fake report about Massimo Troisi’s death, with the direction of Troisi himself. A long of list people greet the comedian, from Gianni Boncompagni ...[Read More]


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Hunter’s Weekend (2018)

A weekend competition for hunters is thrown into disarray when one of the hunters turns up dead.


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Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine (2014)

Said to be deadliest great white shark of all time, "Submarine" is a 30 foot great white that has terrorized the shores of South Africa for decades.Lo...[Read More]


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Death to 2021 (2021)

This comedic retrospective mixes archival footage and scripted sketches as it revisits all the dread and occasional delight that 2021 had to offer.


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Death to 2020 (2020)

Take a look back at the mad glory of the year 2020 in this comedic retrospective.


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Insta-Lie (2021)

An actor in search of fame creates lies on his Instagram to gain likes and boost his career. But in order to keep his fake life online, he submits to ...[Read More]


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Some Adult Content (2020)

A mockumentary about the making of a low-budget porn film.

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