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Filmmakers: Rent YOUR Found Footage Films on Found Footage Critic

Found Footage Critic avatarFound Footage Critic is calling out to filmmakers to submit their feature length found footage films for inclusion in our streaming rental service, and is offering filmmakers non-exclusive licensing agreements and a share of the rental fees.

Found Footage Critic is a found footage film database, movie review website, and online community dedicated to reviewing and discussing found footage films with an emphasis on horror. Closing in on 500 found footage films, the site boasts the world’s largest online catalog of pure found footage films.
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Found Footage Critic’s CEO Michael Steinberg says, “I started Found Footage Critic with one goal in mind, to bring all found footage films produced around the world under one roof for fans to read about, rate, discuss, and review. Before Found Footage Critic, finding all but the most popular found footage films was an arduous task, especially rare titles that are mostly unknown except to a handful of devout fans.

Promo - Filmmakers: Rent YOUR Found Footage Films on Found Footage Critic

“Our site already has the focused attention of the found footage horror fan community, and the integration of our streaming service creates a unique opportunity for indie horror filmmakers to put their found footage film creations in front of thousands of dedicated found footage horror fans around the world.”

We openly invite filmmakers and studios to submit their found footage films for rental distribution on our streaming rental service.

Found Footage Streaming Movies


  • Non-Exclusive Licensing Agreement (Filmmakers may rent or sell films through other online services or sale of physical media)
  • Revenue Sharing (Fixed percentage of gross collected rental fees)
  • Targeted Marketing (Found Footage Critic specifically targets found footage horror fans around the world)
  • Active marketing of rental titles through FoundFootageCritic.com and social media
  • Increase market share by exposing films to a targeted niche that may not otherwise know about your film
  • With close to 500 films, Found Footage Critic is the world’s largest online database of pure found footage films

Conflicts with Existing Distribution Agreements

  • Non-Exclusive Licensing Agreement places no constraints on filmmakers renting or selling films through other distribution channels
  • We can exclude specific countries from distribution to avoid conflicts with existing regionally based distribution agreements

Security, Performance, and Quality of Service

  • Found Footage Streaming is powered by Vimeo™
  • All films are hosted on Vimeo™ servers with video players embedded in FoundFootageCritic.com
  • All rental fee collection is managed by Vimeo™
  • All purchase statistics and metrics are captured by Vimeo™
  • All piracy protection and security is managed by Vimeo™

Contact Us

Filmmakers can contact us here for more specific information, or send us a direct message on Twitter @FoundFootageFan or Facebook https://facebook.com/FoundFootageCritic/.

About Found Footage Critic

Found Footage Critic has the ears of the found footage horror fan community through its weekly Found Footage Files Podcast, co-hosted by Boss Butcher and Michael Steinberg which was recently ranked by Blumhouse among the top Ten Horror Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now. Found Footage Critic’s sister site, SupportHorror, is a crowdfunding platform wholly dedicated to funding indie horror films.

Found Footage Critic CEO, Michael Steinberg, is an attorney, licensed to practice law in New York State, and has a graduate degree computer science. He has over 15 years experience working in Fortune 500 companies performing management consulting, business analysis, and compliance audits, with an emphasis on enterprise software deployment and management.

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