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The Ghost is a Lie (2012) – Found Footage Trailer

Hoping to cash in on the final stages of the found footage film phenomenon, a shady LA producer hires a small crew of cult-icon, has-been and never-were filmmakers to ‘whip up’ a supernatural, first-person perspective ghost story on a pitifully low budget. Along with a handful of amateur actors, the group heads into the woods and sets about rigging up ‘scares’ and planning the story with varying degrees of enthusiasm. After filming the first gag, the actors return to base camp to find the crew has been brutally murdered. MOST of the crew, anyway… Now the actors are lost far from home and being hunted stalked by a vicious killer with an eye for cinema. Buy remeron

The Ghost is a Lie (2012) – Found Footage Trailer

  • The Ghost is a Lie (2012) is a found footage film and found footage horror
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