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100 Ghost Stories (2004)

One hundred stories... It is said that if you tell a hundred scary stories in one night, terrible things will happen. Is this legend true?


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Ghost Divers (TBD)

When a marine research vessel explores unusual shark activity in the Gulf of Mexico, they discover the horrifying truth behind an island legend. In t...[Read More]


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The 5th Dimension (2017)

A group of physics students seeking to prove their time travel theory are imperiled when they uncover terrifying CIA experiments at a military base.


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Phénomènes Inexplicables: Cold Tapes (2020)

April 2019, Grenoble, France. Three friends are victims of paranormal phenomena following the viewing of several videos within a mysterious website. T...[Read More]


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Project Paranoia (2023)

The disappearance of Andrew’s wife lowers him into depression, but when a friend steps up to help him, deciding to spend a week at his house, things s...[Read More]


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Ghost (2023)

When a deadly religious cult begins weaponizing demonic entities, it’s up to a band of church funded mercenaries to take them down before they unleash...[Read More]


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Project G-1 (2018)

Following the public hysteria following the broadcast of the Shed 17 documentary, further revelations are uncovered about the events on Sodor Island i...[Read More]


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Shed 17 (2015)

Discover the true and dark past behind Thomas the Tank Engine as told by those around him.


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P.U.L: Project Urban Legend (2014)

In the fall of 2012 five college students enter a local state park to film and investigate a documentary. Several mutilated bodies have been discovere...[Read More]


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Parlour (2023)

A man spends the night inside a haunted funeral parlor.


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An Alien in Sydney (2022)

When an amateur filmmaker sets out to investigate an alleged alien sighting, she finds the very person believed to have been abducted alive and well, ...[Read More]


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A Murder Most Sus Scrofa Domesticus (2022)

An insaneo style mockumentary about an unsolved murder.


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Trail of Doom (2022)

Documented by a young woman hired to take behind-the-scenes footage, a horror movie production comes to a sudden halt when the funding mysteriously di...[Read More]


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Blue Hour (2023)

Olivia Brandreth was nine years old when her father disappeared. The official police statement was suicide though no body was ever recovered. Twenty f...[Read More]


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alantutorial (2011)

Alan Resnick, better known online as alantutorial, was an American creative project YouTube channel that consists primarily of a series of videos in w...[Read More]


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Fridge (2022)

A roommate conflict involving a fridge spirals out of control in this mockumentary.


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Leaked Psychic Video: Deep Web (2021)

Contains psychic images leaked for various reasons. A video taken to leave evidence of stalking damage. When a woman is scared in the room, the interc...[Read More]


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Taber Corn (2007)

Independent film maker J.D Sebastian sets out to document the life of someone who influences culture at a grass roots level. And that someone is the m...[Read More]


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Elusive (2022)

A delusional documentary filmmaker follows a mysterious Bigfoot tracker through the Oklahoma backwoods, encountering quirky locals along the way.


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Zeros and Ones (2011)

Los Angeles, 2006. Life is Easy 2.0 for James Pongo. He has a cushy job, a busy social life and an alluring love interest all through the click of a m...[Read More]

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