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Filming Movie


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The Household (2024)

A documentary about two amateur filmmakers investigating a series of mysterious murders. They become entangled with a secret organization hiding a ter...[Read More]


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Ruderskodder (2023)

An ambitious director travels with his film crew to a remote Danish island for the filming of his latest project, "Ruderskodder." But he soon discove...[Read More]


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Ghost of the Highschool (2023)

Two friends start making a documentary about their village's haunted high school, and while making this documentary something crazy happens with them ...[Read More]


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The Depths (2024)

After a brother and sister achieve astral projection, the footage they capture reveals the malicious effects of their family trauma.


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The Monster (2023)

Three filmmakers shoot a documentary at a closed community in the mountains, just ten days ahead of a second lock-down imposed on Cyprus due to a pand...[Read More]


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A Stranger in the Woods (2024)

A young film student is about to make a documentary about an elderly man who has been hiding from the world for many years. But as secrets from his pa...[Read More]


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Worlds (2024)

A documentary film crew discovers an otherworldly mystery while investigating an unsolved murder.


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Jeffrey’s Hell (2024)

Jeffrey's Hell tells the story of filmmaker Aaron Irons who went missing in the wilderness of East Tennessee in an area known as Jeffrey's Hell.


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Tahoe Joe 2: The Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Conspiracy (2024)

After a popular social media influencer goes missing in the Tahoe National Forest, filmmakers Michael Rock and Dillon Brown set out on a rescue missio...[Read More]


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A Time Traveler: 2492 (2022)

Carlos Roma, a time traveler from the year 2492, comes to warn of big disasters and how new technologies will affect humanity.


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Cruel: The Cross Village Encounter (2023)

The case of a young couple allegedly attacked by the Michigan Dog Man, and the crew who interviewed everyone involved. Inevitably the gang of four tra...[Read More]


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Stéphane (2023)

On the set of his amateur short film, Tim unwittingly meets a certain Stéphane, a gruff, loud-mouthed man with stories that smack of a competition myt...[Read More]


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The File is Corrupted (2023)

From Crazy Space Gun studio, “The File is Corrupted” is about a film being made on the local legends surrounding a mysterious forest.


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Winemaker (2024)

A filmmaker documenting various methods of winemaking believes he has found the perfect subject when he meets a man who uses anything but conventional...[Read More]


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The Haunting in Rosemary Lane (2023)

A story of two men doing a documentary of a nearby woods called Rosemary Lane. And after they start to camp there to see whats going on. The demon Mar...[Read More]


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Lights Over Montgomery County (2023)

A faux-documentary host investigates weird lights, A.I. robots, aliens, and strange happenings in Montgomery County, Texas.


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Remi Milligan: Lost Director (2023)

Looking at the life and films of Remi Milligan - a little-known amateur North London filmmaker who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 2006.


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Woods Witch (2023)

When two up and coming internet bloggers take on a road trip to film footage from a forest that is known for disappearance and death, they find themse...[Read More]


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Phantom Jesus: Crucify Reality (2020)

A man obsessed with filming the phantom in his apartment; a student documentary about a murder; a young woman, no longer a child, finds and films thos...[Read More]


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Jukai (2014)

A videotape was discovered in Mt. Fuji's Sea of Trees, which is famous as a suicide spot. Five men and women set foot there in order to shoot a docume...[Read More]

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