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Night Vision


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Lights Over Montgomery County (2023)

A faux-documentary host investigates weird lights, A.I. robots, aliens, and strange happenings in Montgomery County, Texas.


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Split Screen (2023)

Presented as a double feature, Split Screen follows a computer hacker releasing two films pulled from the darkest corners of the Internet: The Illinoi...[Read More]


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Project Eerie (2023)

On Halloween, 2020, Jesse and Jacob Warner disappeared while live streaming on social media. This is that live stream.


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Outflow! Banned Videos (2014)

Contains a large number of forbidden videos posted daily by ordinary people to video production companies nationwide. A controversial work that contai...[Read More]


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Aokigahara Jukai: Complete Document 2017 – The Curse You Don’t Know 2 (2017)

This is a compilation of documents covering Aokigahara Jukai over several months.


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Jukai (2014)

A videotape was discovered in Mt. Fuji's Sea of Trees, which is famous as a suicide spot. Five men and women set foot there in order to shoot a docume...[Read More]


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Final Semester (2018)

Six students are invited to play a game at night in a school. They have to perform tasks in order to receive cheats for their Final exam. The tasks ar...[Read More]


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Haunted Ulster Live (2023)

On Halloween night 1998, TV veteran Gerry Burns, teams up with popular children's presenter Michelle Kelly to investigate poltergeist activity in a ha...[Read More]


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Curse of the Apocalypse: Chapter 2 (2020)

Amumo98 introduces their next series that delves even deeper into the world of psychics. Kotaro Terauchi wanted to take the risk of stepping deeper in...[Read More]


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Puzzle Box (2023)

Drug addict Kait flees to a house in the woods to self-rehabilitate, where her sister Olivia joins to document the process, but the house's layout beg...[Read More]


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Scary Video: Limited Ban Lifted (2012)

Mysterious face of a contributor who called a woman and secretly filmed her service… A mysterious face appears in the video of a man who calls a woman...[Read More]


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Absolutely Scary Urban Legend 2 (2013)

The team behind 'Honto Ni Atta. Noroi No Video' will be unraveling many gruesome urban legends that are still shrouded in mystery.


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Absolutely Scary Urban Legend (2012)

The third installment in the 'Absolutely Scary' series. Includes "Space-Time Manager"... It's impossible to get involved in the Philadelphia Project, ...[Read More]


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The Casebook of Eddie Brewer (2012)

Eddie Brewer is an old-school paranormal investigator, being followed as part of a documentary.


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Beyond (2013)

The team of the TV reality show “Beyond” who looking the evidence or refutation of paranormal phenomena decides to spend the night in abandoned scienc...[Read More]


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Suicide Pneuma (2003)

Ms. T's friend, Ms. K, who committed suicide, was a young girl who always hinted at suicidal thoughts, and it is said that those around her did not pu...[Read More]

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