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The Industry Did It (2020)

An aspiring actress from Houston vlogs her foray into Hollywood. Will she do anything to get the part, or will the part do anything to get her?


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Split Screen (2023)

Presented as a double feature, Split Screen follows a computer hacker releasing two films pulled from the darkest corners of the Internet: The Illinoi...[Read More]


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Woods Witch (2023)

When two up and coming internet bloggers take on a road trip to film footage from a forest that is known for disappearance and death, they find themse...[Read More]


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Project Eerie (2023)

On Halloween, 2020, Jesse and Jacob Warner disappeared while live streaming on social media. This is that live stream.


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Underground (2023)

After a wild bachelorette party a group of young women find themselves trapped in an underground bunker complex. A disturbing finding turns their nigh...[Read More]


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Ready for Pickup (2023)

Four aspiring YouTubers vlog about delivery driving as their relationships fall apart.


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#FBF (2023)

Annie who accidentally takes her mom's laptop instead of her own to visit her father in New Jersey. Annie soon realizes the laptop is everything she n...[Read More]


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A Grudge Video That You Shouldn’t Watch (2014)

From among the many horror videos posted on a mysterious horror website, we have thoroughly examined the videos with intense grudges.


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Final Semester (2018)

Six students are invited to play a game at night in a school. They have to perform tasks in order to receive cheats for their Final exam. The tasks ar...[Read More]


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Convex Attack!! Psychic Research Team Kachikomi (2018)

The challenge of the heinous “psychic images” was taken on! The trail of horror investigation again! Ghostly places haunted by evil spirits, people po...[Read More]


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Curse of the Apocalypse: Chapter 2 (2020)

Amumo98 introduces their next series that delves even deeper into the world of psychics. Kotaro Terauchi wanted to take the risk of stepping deeper in...[Read More]


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Curse of the Apocalypse: Chapter 1 (2020)

Amumo98 introduces their next series that delves even deeper into the world of psychics.


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Stay Online (2023)

Katya, a volunteer from Kyiv fighting against the invasion of Ukraine, uses a laptop donated to the resistance and comes into contact with the young s...[Read More]


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Resurrected (2023)

In a dystopian future, the Vatican knows how to resurrect people. A priest discovers a conspiracy behind the resurrections and their possible link to ...[Read More]


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Mind Body Spirit (2023)

An aspiring yoga influencer embarks on a ritual practice left behind by her estranged grandmother.


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Bukraken! (2023)

In 2016, journalism student Susana Rojas disappeared without a trace, while she making a documentary for his end-of-career work. After several years, ...[Read More]


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Life of Belle (2023)

On July 18th, 2018 Annabelle Starnes went missing. What was found in the home would shock this small town of South Carolina.


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Dead Spirit Video: Forbidden Place (2016)

Includes a total of 10 posted psychic videos such as "Midnight mountain road", "The shadow behind", "Late-night office", "Fireworks display" and "Kitc...[Read More]

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