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TBD (Pending Review)


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Our Earthmen Friends (2006)

A faux-documentary made by extraterrestrials about humans.


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Psychic Record I Experienced (2015)

Thorough coverage of victims who have been obsessed with grudges and ghosts.


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The Vengeful Spirit Video of Onryo Eizo Mahen (2011)

Two women were summoned to the basement of a certain place. What terror awaits them...


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The Backrooms (TBD)

Planned film adaption based on viral found-footage shorts by Kane Parsons.


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The Market Street 6 (2011)

The Market Street 6 chronicles the final hours of six people who become stranded when the subway they are riding supposedly breaks down. Forced to dep...[Read More]


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Vlogger (2024)

A live anchor accepted the invitation and secretly filmed the ghost film crew, but unexpectedly, he filmed a hot picture of the unexpected death of th...[Read More]


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Transcendent Spiritual Experience: Abandoned Villa of the Red Night (2015)

A woman who likes ruins and is more afraid than anyone else. The place I chose to infiltrate was, of all things, a long time ago, a mass murder case b...[Read More]


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Rotten Dark Image (2016)

When I interviewed the scene of the incident where the car jumped into the gate even though the barrier was down, a terrifying spirit attacked me. A r...[Read More]


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Bad Ben: Alien Agenda (2023)

Aliens attack Tom Riley.


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Human Hibachi 2 (2022)

Set in the deep woods, a cannibal family obsessed with the first "Human Hibachi" video have have made it their life's mission to find the only two ind...[Read More]


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Vengeful Ghost Video (2017)

The mysterious things that appeared in the images taken in casual everyday life… It is scheduled to record 14 books, including “Northern Festival” whe...[Read More]


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Mysterious! Unbelievable Shock 2 (2004)

The second installment of the popular series that focuses on psychic photography! Mr. M is troubled by the spiritual phenomenon and memorializes the p...[Read More]


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They Come For you At Night (2013)

The Closer you get to the truth the stronger the walls become.


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What I Lived What I Live What I Will Live (2021)

The past, present and future is the only thing that goes through the mind of the old actor Dirk Holmes, a man that met a new being who makes him refle...[Read More]


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Kudo’s Secret (2012)

Spin-off short story of the Senritsu Kaiki File Kowasugi!” series, which is set after “Kowa Too!” FILE-01.


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A kool park (2022)

An anonymous person behind a camera films as he stays in a strange park, capturing strange things on video.


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Japan’s Map of Grudges 2!! Investigation: Curse of the Sea of Trees (2002)

Within a few months five family members die in mysterious ways. It all started with their only daughter taking their own life in the sea of trees loca...[Read More]


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Japan’s Map of Grudges!! Investigation: The Curse of Sugisawa Village (2001)

This film explores the strange similarities between the Sugisawa Village incident, where a young man is said to have killed all the villagers, and the...[Read More]


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Paranoia Tapes 11: Genesis (2023)

The eleventh installment in Jack Hunter's "Paranoia Tapes" franchise.


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The Life of Humans (2021)

Xavier tells his friends that he's an alien, and he has 24 hours left on Earth before returning home. Although they don't believe him, they throw a pa...[Read More]

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