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Hunter’s Creed (2020) Video Review

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Hunter's Creed (2020) - Found Footage Films Movie Poster (Found Footage Horror Movies)

Hunter’s Creed (2020)  is a found footage horror film that was directed by Justin Jackola and written by Justin Jackolda and Ken Miyamoto, and co-stars Duange “Dog” Chapman, from Dog the Bounty Hunter (2003) fame. The film has strong horror undertones and a faith-based story arch, which is a welcome breath of fresh air for the typical horror films permeating the found footage genre.

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The film follows four friends who head out to a cabin in the remote forest to film the pilot episode of a hunting reality television show.

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The intrepid group soon come to realize that they are not alone.
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The producer’s of Hunter’s Creed (2020)  also created the critically acclaimed found footage film, Aliens Zone of Silence (2017).

Video Review


  • Great stunt and practical effects
  • Believable acting
  • Unique faith-based plot
  • Good tension-building


  • Faux documentary execution felt challenged at times
  • Ambiguous ending


HUNTER'S CREED is a great take on the genre. The film has a fun and loveable cast, does a great job setting up tense moments, and has a strong positive message. Found footage fans are sure to find that the high production value and practical effects will ensure a hair-raising experience!

Site Rating

Realism/Immersion - 6
Reason for Filming - 8
Found Footage Purity - 7
Believable Cinematography - 9
Believable Acting - 9
Plot - 8

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