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SupportHorror: Crowdfund Your Next Film

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Is SupportHorror Right for Me?


Are you a filmmaker looking to make a horror feature, short, or webseries?
If your film is not funded or just needs some additional money to get that “wow” factor, then start your campaign today!
Do you run a horror website and need funds for web development?
So long as your project has clear goals, then you can start a campaign today!
Do you run a horror podcast and need funds for better equipment?
If the equipment will notably improve the quality of your cast, then you can start a campaign today!


The Process


1. Create a Film Campaign 2. We Promote 3. Horror Fans Fund 4. You Produce
Creators compose their pitch for funding and define rewards We use Twitter, Facebook, podcasting,
websites, and other social media to actively
promote campaigns.To maximize exposure,
Creators are also encouraged to promote their
Horror fans visit SupportHorror and
contribute to their favorite campaigns
You produce your next horror film masterpiece


Connecting Horror Filmmakers with Horror Fans


1. Social Media 2. Distribution Network 3. Websites and Blogs 4. Horror Podcasts
Daily tweets and Facebook posts
targeting horror studios, filmmakers, and fans
Strong network of horror fans who retweet and share
Promotion on horror news and fan sites
Promotion of SupportHorror and specific projects


Get Started Now!


Visit https://SupportHorror.com and start your campaign!

Support Horror Logo

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