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Camping Fun (2020)

On July 22, 2014, Central Texas authorities retrieved a camera at an undisclosed compound in rural Texas. The following evidence was seized after its contents had proven to show the last known whereabouts of four ongoing missing persons cases.

A Guidebook To Killing Your Ex (2017) Review

"A Guidebook to Killing Your Ex" is a Hungarian found footage horror film written and directed by József Gallai. This film is József Gallai's third found footage film project, the first two being Bodom (2014) and Moth (2016). A Guidebook to Killing Your Ex takes the form of an instructional video shot and assembled by a disgruntled man seeking revenge on his soon-to-be-married ex-girlfriend and he...

#Starvecrow (2016)

A Twisted Love Story. #STARVECROW is the story of Ben and Jess. Ben is a control-freak, charmer, abuser and warped product of the digital age. He films everything. Jess is fresh out of rehab. Their worlds are dominated by each other but Jess now needs some space and time apart and is invited by her friends to their house in the woods for the weekend. People arrive and the party kicks off, but not ...

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