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The House on Mansfield Street (2018) – User Review

User Rating: 7.2

I didn’t realize this was a new found footage film when I watched it last night.  I will say that many will think, as I thought, this has been done before, and before, and there’s no watching this one.  Don’t be fooled by found footage film genre’s and synopses as every film is different and what was different about this was that it genuinely creeped me out. Everything made sense as far as the plot and camera settings went, as well as the reason for the protagonist to be filming.  Started off as one thing, he moves and doesn’t start work for two weeks and wants to keep sharp on his film skills, then he realizes something weirder or maybe sinister is at play and more cameras come out.

Is the film reasonable? As in, does the viewer sit and scream at the TV in annoyance at the stupidity of the blindness of what’s right in front of the guy? Why doesn’t he react more to what both we and he sees on his camera footage? Well folks, this is FF and this is why we love it.  It’s also why some of us hate it and say it’s been done on to the next.

I watched this film LATE (2330-0030) ish and I found myself wanting to forward as I knew when the film ended I was headed up to bed.  I watch all sorts of disturbing horror, FF, and even work late (on creepy stuff) into the wee hours.  I can’t say I would have been affected the same way in a different environment or time.  Nonetheless, this film is one I enjoyed, one I recommend, and one that’s not like all the others.

Here is what makes this film stand out and separate from similar FF films; subtlety in all areas.

Happy Watching, or skipping.

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