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Black Eyed Children: Let Me In (2015)

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Black Eyed Children: Let Me In (2015) – User Review

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The black eyed children’s “Let me in” mockumentary should be titled LET ME OUT!

I’m casually acquainted with the BEK phenomenon due to one of my many hobbies other than reading about true crime is my delight in urban legends. Particularly the over the top crazy ones, so I was intrigued with this doc when I noticed it on demand.

Unfortunately, this half-assed attempt both at film-making, acting, speaking the English language properly, is utter garbage. The actors are horrible, the interviewers are totally clueless, and don’t even have a command of the language.

The cinematography was amateurish and the so-called eyewitnesses who are obviously actors are the worst performers I’ve seen in years and trust me when I say, I’m a movie, live performance junkie, so I’ve seen enough acting good, bad, and ugly, to know true dog shit acting and this action is dog shit. Its so bad that I actually felt embarrassed for them, the production crew, the filmmakers, and society in general.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure most of the actors are friends of the fim makers and they probably wanted to help out their friends.

Considering the lack of a budget for this abortion, any free shit is a boon for these wannabes Blair Witchers.

Bottom line? If this documentary is just a goof, then they did a halfway good job making themselves and their “eyewitnesses” look foolish.

If its not a goof, then this is probably one of the worst documentaries I’ve ever witness. Absolute train wreck.

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