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Bryan Loves You (2008) – User Review

User Rating: 10

Apparently this was based on a true story, but I have my suspicions. Regardless, those suspicions only strengthen Bryan Loves You, director Seth Landau’s super-spooky, lo-fi shocker about a small Arizona town that is ground zero for a cult that believes in a god named “Bryan.” The kids wear creepy masks when they say the Pledge of Allegiance, ominous chanting is overheard at the library, and if you question the teaching of Bryan, you’ll be transformed in a weird Body Snatchers-type way. Having been filmed documentary-style with handheld camcorders, this really does feel like a set of someone’s lost tapes I’d go as far as to say it outdoes Blair Witch, simply for how close to home this idea hits. Bryan is perfect, 2 a.m. freaky fare that will leave you looking over your shoulder.

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