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Dybbuk Box: True Story of Chris Chambers (2019) – User Review

User Rating: 7

I love the idea of hauntings, as long as they leave me alone. That’s why I watch horror films – safe distance!

I stumbled across Dybbuk Box: True Story Of Chris Chambers on Prime Video and, while I was disappointed that it wasn’t a sequel to Stand By Me, the synopsis was intriguing and easy it watch. It started like an average YouTube video and is actually rather convincing. About halfway through, it starts to descent into Paranormal Activity territory but works. Jumpy, nighttime happenings punctuate monologues and updates and keep things eerie.

The acting by the main character is genuine for the most part but the actress who joins the show in the last quarter is a bit shonky, which detracts from the realism – damaging the film a little. The lighting deserves a mention as it is really effective during some scenes, whilst maintaining the feeling that you are watching someone’s home video.

In short, I was pleasantly surprised by Dybbuk Box. The ending is satisfying and not a mess of CGI, something quite rare for lower budget films these days. It is creepy and scratches all the right itches, as long as you are not expecting to have your mind blown.

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