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Dybbuk Box: True Story of Chris Chambers (2019) – User Review

User Rating: 1

This movie was just awful! There were so many plot-holes. To start with (spoiler alerts from here on out) He (Chris Chambers) says he’s going to purchase one of these dybbuk boxes on the dark web. He makes two points in detail A) that on the dark web, you can’t use standard currency, you have to use cryptocurrency like bitcoin and B) that the specific dybbuk box he wants to get can not be sold, it can only be given or traded to you, due to some kind of “witches code”. Then in the very next scene you see him buying the box for $250! I thought he had to make a trade? Also if you have to use cryptocurrency on the dark web, why does it say 250 DOLLARS? Shouldn’t it be asking for 250 with the bitcoin (or other crypto) symbol? So anyway, he finally receives the box and opens it. He then removes the contents, There is a lock of hair, some kind of red oval shaped rock or something, ashes or little pebbles and a sheet of paper with what he says are “letters in some foreign language”. Then later he’s shown deciphering the word on the internet. It’s apparently the word “escape”, written in Hebrew. So he didn’t know what language this word was written in but somehow he was able to find it on the internet? What did he just search for every word known to man in any language other than English and just ended up getting lucky? And why “escape”? That makes no sense. Why not, “you shall not escape” or “there’s no escape for you”? “Escape” sounds more like a challenge, than a binding. The rest of my criticisms are more about poor production than plot holes but are just as lame. In one scene he shows a picture fall off the wall and he’s supposedly just holding the camera behind him while he picks the picture up but the camera is clearly being focused on a window behind him where the curtains are magically drawn. Hardly random. In a couple other scenes he shows the thermostat (which he says he keeps at 70 but at one point it shows the temp being like 50 degrees (or somewhere in that range, I don’t remember exactly) but he doesn’t look cold at all, he’s not shivering, can’t see his breath. In another scene, the temp is supposed to be 120 degrees, yet he’s not sweating. Last one, in a scene clearly stolen from Paranormal Activity, it shows what we have to assume is a possessed Chris Chambers staring at the camera while moving slightly in fast motion from around midnight or one AM until 3:03 AM at which time the clock stopped moving at high speed, yet Chris was still moving around jerkily like he was still in time lapse mode. When the clock stopped fast forwarding, Chris also should have gone back to normal. In conclusion, this movie was very poorly done. It makes me feel that anybody with a camera phone and even a slight knowledge of special effects could make a movie just as good (or rather not good) as Dybbuk Box: True Story Of Chris Chambers.

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