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E-Demon (2018) – User Review

User Rating: 10

A group of college friends reunites occasionally to keep their friendship alive via video chat in Jeremy Wechter’s E-Demon. The group has a tradition, where they freak out each other by playing pranks! But tonight’s session after a few freak outs seems to have gone terribly wrong.

Our friends Kendra, AJ, Mar, and Dwayne are ready to discuss old times and go crazy. After a really cool moment involving a family secret tucked away in the attic, things start happening for real when an ancient demon is released and quickly possesses everyone. This movie is unique because it takes place entirely on a computer screen with footage shown via webcams. It plays to today’s technology-obsessed core audience!

I was growing tired of found footage movies and found this unique style a pleasant surprise. The technique is flawless and works well. You see so much through their personal webcams tour actually there with each character. The film mixes ancient legends of the Salem witch Hunt with today’s modern evil…technology. The friends one by one become obsessed and do evil things, but are they really doing these unspeakable acts and acts of violence, or is it another prank?

Writer/ Director Jeremy Wechter takes us on a mind-blowing experience. You will be on edge and frightened! This is the perfect movie to watch with the lights out and a bowl of popcorn. The scare factor is that you get to see the scenes unfolding and also get the reactions of the people watching. You also get the followers watching their video chat, making comments.

Excellent editing, well-directed, a strong story, and a great cast really pull this off. One of the most frightening scenes takes place when Dwayne’s wife gets possessed and does the unspeakable and he can only watch and do nothing to stop her! Also worth mentioning is the heroic comic store owner Cedric Cannon! The movie is violent but not gory but is very effective and disturbing without being over the top.

Give this movie a try, perfect summer scare flick.

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