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#FromJennifer (2017)

2010s All Releases Document Event Head Mounted Camera Horror Jennifer TBD Violent Crimes

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#FromJennifer (2017) – User Review

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Jennifer Peterson just wants a chance to prove she is a worthwhile actress. At the insistence of her manager, she begins to post a video blog of her daily life. While her actress-friend and major annoyance in life, Stephanie, snatches up all the film roles, poor Jennifer is humiliated when she discovers her ex not only taped her sex life, but posted it, creating an unwanted viral sensation. Within no time, Jennifer devises a strategy to make her mark – and leave plenty along the way. With the Wynona Ryder persona and behavior portrayed by Danielle Taddei, Jennifer morphs into an indifferent force of reckoning. She is delightful to watch as her vengeful plans go awry and she must force her sidekick Butch to continually clean up his overzealous mess. Look for the adorable symbolism come to life in Little Red Riding Hood… beginning with Manager Chad. Chad Wolfe. But if there is ANY take away in this adorably bloody tragedy, it is this: A Jenny is a female donkey. Do NOT call her Jenny.

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