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The Garlock Incident (2012) – User Review

User Rating: 6.5

I’m so glad this movie was FINALLY available! It was like 5 years I was waiting for it. I had read some reviews from people who watched it in some festival and it, apparently, was good. Now, in my opinion, it’s nothing special but it’s still a pleasant found footage film.!

The plot is the good old lost-in-the-middle-of-nowhere formula (here it’s in the vicinity of Las Vegas). But it’s good! And, most important of all, it respects the found footage rules! Almost… I mean, here and there there’s some strange audio range or recording starting/stopping without anyone handling the camera. That’s a couple of mistakes but it’s still good. For sure better than other movies with random camera switching or background music… So, good job director!

Then there was some “flashback” moment, through a second tape, on which the movie is recorded, so that sometimes, when the camera stops recording, we see the old tape, which consists in interviews/acting scenes done by the protagonists(who are actors). I like this thing, which was also used in Cloverfield, but this makes sense JUST with one or two clips because the double tape thing CAN happen just by a mistake clicking play button instead of the stop-recording button. But here we have this thing happening way too many times! And guess what? The flashbacks are precise… too precise for something happening randomly…
So this became something that annoyed me as soon as the flashbacks kept coming… Cloverfield just used 2-3 flashbacks in a reasonable way…

That said, the movie is pretty good ALSO in the plot. I loved the fact the director avoided any cheap jumpscare and instead preferred some good old growing tension and some psychological troubles. The acting is pretty awesome for some of the characters! And also the ending is satisfying!
So, it deserves to be watched and I’m glad it was finally available! THIS is how a found footage(more or less) should be made!

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