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Hollows Grove (2014) – User Review

User Rating: 7.5

I came into this movie not knowing a single thing about it.  The setup with the F.B.I investigating this incident caught my attention right off the bat.  However, using Mykelti Williamson as the F.B.I. agent took away any suspension of disbelief that this could be an actual found footage event. Lance Henriksen, another iconic actor, was used in a supporting role as well. Using well known actors in these types of movies is a mistake I believe.  Despite that, I thought this well movie was pretty well done.  The sound design I thought was the strongest highlight of the film.  It really helped in ramping up the suspense and jump scares.  The acting I felt was pretty good as well.  A couple of outbursts from the Tim character I thought should not have been included, though.  Luckily there wasn’t a lot of senseless bickering between the characters. I enjoyed the plot, and using a paranormal TV show that sets up hoaxes specifically for the show was a cool idea. Overall I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys paranormal based found footage films set in an asylum. If you do watch this, make sure to stay through all the credits.

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