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Hunter’s Creed (2020) – User Review

User Rating: 3

Listen… this thing was well shot, well acted (except for Dog’s cameo), and has legit tension in parts.  Honestly, I actually got scared at one or two spots in the movie.  However, the final message one can gather from the plot seems to be… a gigantic shrug. This begs the question: did the filmmakers intend to make a nonsensical  plot?

The other big question I am left with was how are the filmmakers framing the very obvious religious themes in the film.  Not just religious, but deliberately and actively putting on display the very common beliefs of evangelical Christian fundamentalism in the heartland of USA. Unfortunately, it became clear by the halfway point, that the intent was NOT to satirize these beliefs, but to go all-in for them, to the point of proselytizing the dogmatic fundamentalism of American evangelicals. This is not a satirical portrayal, but a sincere one.  When you can immediately tell between the two with regard to the intern, then you’ve lost the audience. Cheers.

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