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Mortal Remains – A Good Mockumentary

User Rating: 6.5

I started to watch this mockumentary with really high hopes, seeing the outstanding ratings. And I really wanted to LOVE it. But the reality is that (to me) it is an average good mockumentary, nothing more. And it is hard for me to say this because I always love the enthusiasm of independent filmmakers. In fact, I loved, for example, “Leaving D.C.”. But let’s get to business and start to analyze it.

Mortal Remains tells the mysterious story of the discussed film director “Karl Atticus” and of his weird methods of filmmaking. The two protagonists gather information about him through interviews and research on the field. And this is the (more or less) first half of the movie. An interesting mockumentary with interviews and good acting by the two interviewers/protagonists. The thing goes on and we have some found footage parts when the two (that become three in some parts, because of a new member of the crew) go searching for clues in the local graveyard or in Atticus’s House.

There is some good suspense here and there through the movie, but still, it didn’t “catch” me completely. That’s why I can’t give it a better rating. The acting is good, the story is interesting. But there’s no spark. It’s all too predictable. And I didn’t like at all the cliche scenes where you can see a scary face through the window or a human shape at the end of the corridor. It feels too forced. And it’s not that I don’t like details. It’s just that I don’t like them when they’re not blending into the movie. These just felt forced, really… And it’s not just these two things… Almost every detail feels forced. And this kills the movie…

What I like in a mockumentary/found footage film is the realism and the immersion. Here you have almost no immersion. And that’s really a pity because the ending was good (not outstanding, but good). And the fact that *SPOILER* the mockumentary gets finished by Karl Atticus makes every editing in the final part more or less reasonable since it’s him (a crazy man) doing all the editing concerning creepy music and all. It feels ok. So, yeah, it’s a good movie for the lovers of the genre, like me. But it could have been better, even with simpler ideas. Just like they did in “Leaving D.C.”, for example. But I repeat it, it’s a good movie and worth watching for sure!

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