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Shadow People: The Sarah McCormick Story (2018)

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Shadow People: The Sarah McCormick Story (2018) – User Review

User Rating: 9.9

Ok, it’s fair to say that sometimes you know within the opening few minutes of a movie whether or not you’re going to enjoy it…don’t lie we all do it, myself included and I waited so long to see this that when the opportunity arose I just had to grab it with both hands and boy am I glad I did. Now as I’ve stated in other posts I’m no wordsmith I pretty much say it how I see it and so bare with me while I compose myself and this review

The idea behind the movie is a simple one…three documentary filmmakers set out to prove the existence of the shadow men. They conduct several interviews with persons who have had experiences with these entities

All very a la “The Blair Witch Project,” right? Wrong. This movie stands itself stands alone and quite rightly so.

From the stunning shots of some of the United States’ most beautiful scenery to the close-up shots of various food items, everything about this movie screamed authentic indeed there were several times I had to remind myself that this was just that—a movie.

Spoiler alert—the twist near the end of the movie was totally out of leftfield I for one didn’t see that coming. I won’t divulge any secrets any content (other than what you already know) other than if you have a friend who thinks all FF movies suck (I use that word too often I think it’s time I tried something else) then sit him or her down in front of the tv and make them watch this because dear reader THIS is how a FF movie should be made.

However, you watch this please do not watch this alone Some movies have thrilled me some excited me some have left me wishing I could scratch my eyes out but this movie….. This movie absolutely terrified me. Nothing more needs to be said.

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