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Steelmanville Road: A Bad Ben Prequel (2017) – User Review

User Rating: 3.83

The first “Bad Bed” along with the 2 other found footage feature-length films & 2 feature-length Films is a huge entourage.  None of these movies really make ‘sense’ unless you find the inspiration for the found footage “Bad Ben.”

Now, that being said, this movie was far from perfect.  My reviews include technical, film knowledge, plot, plausibility and overall enjoyment.  “Steelmanville Road” hit only on the synopsis which undoubtedly had nothing to do with this movie.  It did follow a storyline, and there was potential, although as I watched I noticed that a lot of the good plot lines either faded away or had an explanation as to why no follow through was happening.  For example “cameras cut off during a period for privacy” etc.    We have limited characters so character & plot are important: the characters actually drew away from the plot, making this one difficult movie to watch.

The found footage is a handheld phone/small camera and house cameras placed in-house.  Voice to camera sound was not reasonable so mics were probably used.  Special effects, in my opinion, is what did this movie in.  I had a scare, I then started laughing, and almost turned off this movie.  The visual effects had such a massive digital imprint that after the first, the film became hard to watch.  It’s sort of like watching found footage and hearing creepy music all of a sudden.

All in all- this was creepy at times.  It made no sense at others.  It made reference to the Jersey Devil by way of ancestry.  A lot was off-frame which made it fun to imagine while hearing only.  A lot left unanswered..

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