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The Plan (2017) – User Review

User Rating: 2.2

So, this film caught my attention immediately as it has all the genre/sub-genre’s I love the most; curse, evil spirit, paranormal, local legends and more.  Great plot and fantastic “poster” to give me the urgency to find this film and press play.  The first thing about this is that, no matter how I watched it, it appeared to not quite fit my screen.  I found that annoying but that’s never stopped me watching a new FF film.  The concept, great, however the film was very hard to watch.  I could hear the people in the camera shot, but not see them, there was a lot of talking and many plot holes and stranded plot lines.  There were a few good visuals that were creepy.  I commend the film makers for this plot, as it’s a difficult one to both get across on screen and have it make sense, and they did this in a FF style.  That being said, it was almost too complex leaving me with a sense of confusion and thinking that it would have benefited from being a short FF film.  To each is own, but less talk is best talk.  All around another go at FF which isn’t easy.

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