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To Jennifer (2013) – User Review

User Rating: 3.1

I watched this movie with high hopes.  From a technical point of view, this movie is great.  All sounds, movements, and scenes could be explained by one of the cameras, the main camcorder, and an occasional camera phone.  The film also was loosely scripted to not scripted at all.  You decide if it was the best idea.

Why the film was being made, an essential piece to a found footage film, was very far out there and not a believable concept.  Plot led the “why” to a filled but unsatisfactory answer. Yelling from characters was often.  This film used bringing in prostitutes, transgender individuals, homosexual etc. female characters into shots and if that is why this is “comedic” then it’s deplorable.  Either way, the movie degraded women throughout.  I say this because it appears the found footage idea came after some other filming.

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