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Tyler Doupe'

Living Among Us (2018) Announces Release Date!

Found Footage Critic is pleased to announce that the vampire mockumentary Living Among Us has been slated for a US theatrical release. The film, which looks a bit like a more serious version of What We Do in the Shadows,  is directed by Brian A. Metcalf (The Lost Tree). You can check out the trailer for yourself in the player below. Living Among Us stars the late John Heard (Would You Rather), Ésm...

Found Footage Podcast The White Vault to Take the Stage!

Found footage audio drama The White Vault is gearing up to take the stage in New York City. The podcast will will be performing a rendition of their show opening for the NoSleep Podcast at a live show in New York City. The event will take place at The Highline Ballroom on March 13th, 2018. The cast will be performing a brand new prequel episode which will take place off the coast of Ny-Ålesund.  C...

The Unnamed Footage Festival is Gearing Up for its Inaugural Run

Found footage film festival, The Unnamed Footage Festival is set to hit the west coast this fall. The fest will be held at The Balboa Theater in San Francisco and will take place March 24-25 2018. The Balboa Theater is situated on a former cemetery and has long been dubbed a hotspot for paranormal goings on. The festival will feature short and feature-length films from around the world, all using ...

Aliens: Zone of Silence is Headed to America’s Favorite Streaming Service!

Found Footage Critic is pleased to report that the groundbreaking found footage film Aliens: Zone of Silence (2017) has just made its debut on Netflix. If you haven’t had a chance to check this one out, you can have a look for yourself right here. And if you haven’t already done so, you can read our rave review of Aliens: Zone of Silence right here. Aliens: Zone of Silence was helmed b...


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[Rec] (2007) Review

“[REC]” is a 2007 found footage horror film from Spain. It is co-directed by Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza, with Balagueró and Plaza co-writing the screenplay with Luiso Berdejo. The film follows a TV news reporter conducting a ride-along with the local fire department when a routine call goes horribly wrong. The film opens with TV news reporter Angela and her cameraman Pablo following the goings on...

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