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#Screamers (2016)

Found footage film where an internet company decides to investigate a series of 'Screamer' videos, they are confronted with havoc and hell they co...[Read More]

Mermaids: The New Evidence (2013)

Examining the startling, never-before-seen video evidence of aquatic hominids that has come forward since the documentary MERMAIDS: THE BODY FOUND...[Read More]

Operation Avalanche (2016)

1967: the height of the Cold War. The CIA suspects there is a Russian mole inside of NASA, sabotaging the Apollo program. They send two young agen...[Read More]

The Night Visitor (2013)

Found footage movie about a suburban couple who hires a new age spiritualist to help with their troubled marriage. Her advice to video their lives...[Read More]


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Unfriended (2014) Review

"Unfriended" is a found footage horror film from Blumhouse that is directed by Levan Gabriadze and written by Nelson Greaves. The film follows six...[Read More]


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The Triangle (2016) Review

"The Triangle" is a found footage horror film written and directed by David Blair, Nathaniel Peterson, Adam Pitman, Andrew Rizzo, and Adam Stilwel...[Read More]

Interview: BLUMHOUSE.COM Senior Staff Writer GREGORY BURKART

We discuss CREEP 2, UNFRIENDED 2, Found Footage, Blumhouse Tilt, upcoming Blumhouse projects, and lots more!

Lost Tapes (2008)

Explores the possibility of hidden creatures through "found footage" videos and information provided by experts.

Interview: BLUMHOUSE.COM Senior Staff Writer GREGORY BURKART – (Found Footage Files Podcast, Episode #88)

This week we interview special guest Gregory Burkart, Senior Staff writer at Blumhouse.com. We discuss an amazing array of topics including: Blumh...[Read More]


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Shotgun Wedding (2013)

After Robert, a marrying-up groom, 'accidentally' shoots his fiance's Maid of Honor in the face during a drunken skeet-shooting session, his meddl...[Read More]


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Mermaids: The Body Found (2012) Review

"Mermaids: The Body Found" is a made for TV mockumentary and found footage film created for the cable network Animal Planet and Discovery Channel....[Read More]

Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives (2014)

Found footage documentary on the deaths of students in the Russian mountains, attributed to the yeti—as told on the Discovery Channel.


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Archivo 253 (2015) Review

"Archivo 253" (Archive 253) is a found footage horror film from Mexico directed by Abe Rosenberg and written by Rosenberg and Joseph Hemsani. The ...[Read More]

5 Highly Anticipated Found Footage Films for 2017

Now that 2017 is upon us, we have growing lineup of new found footage films to look forward to this year. We meticulously reviewed all of the foun...[Read More]

The Museum Project (2016) – Full Movie – Free

Found footage film about a group of students who decide to base their media assignment on a local railway museum myth. However, when they trespass...[Read More]


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The Midnight Swim (2014) Review

Fell, Jumped, or Pushed (2016)

Fell, Jumped, or Pushed is a romantic mockumentary that digs into the bizarre real-life disappearance of Sgt. Elmo Warrick. It is an utter bastard...[Read More]

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The Triangle (2016) Review

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