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Paranormal Entity (2009) Review

Paranormal Entity is a found footage supernatural horror film written and directed by Shane van Dyke and produced by The Asylum. The film follows ...[Read More]

Five Find Your Limit (2016)

Found footage film where a group of five individuals are placed under extreme circumstances, testing their limits of their resolve. They must work...[Read More]

RWD (2015)

Found footage film about two men went searching for ghosts, but they found themselves instead.

Occupants (2015)

"Occupants" is a found footage film about Annie, an award-winning documentarian and her husband Neil. Annie and Neil embark on a "30 Days of Clean...[Read More]


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Die Präsenz (2014) Review

“Die Präsenz,” also known as “The Presence,” is a 2015 found footage horror film from Germany. The film is written and directed by Daniele Gieco. ...[Read More]

Poltergeist Encounters (2016)

Found footage film where a questionable group of paranormal investigators with their own web series receives the offer of a lifetime: stay one nig...[Read More]

Aksbandh (2016)

Found footage movie following five young filmmakers who suddenly disappear while shooting in the woods near Drigh Lake Larakana in January 2014. A...[Read More]

Cage Dive (2017)

Three friends, filming an audition tape for an extreme reality game show, take part in shark cage diving. Which soon turns into a catastrophic tur...[Read More]


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A Guidebook To Killing Your Ex (2017) Review

"A Guidebook to Killing Your Ex" is a Hungarian found footage horror film written and directed by József Gallai. This film is József Gallai's thir...[Read More]

UFO: Es Ist Hier (2016)

Five film students are producing a documentary about the local zoo when suddenly the animals go berserk: The reason is a light ball flying by in t...[Read More]

Pestilenz (2017)

Three aspiring filmmakers travel to a remote village to shoot a documentary about a mysterious outbreak of the plague. The Government declared the...[Read More]

Top 5 Halloween Found Footage Films for 2016 – Found Footage Critic Staff Picks

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are turning color, there’s a chill in the air, and the smell of fear is upon us—Halloween is ...[Read More]


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Four Corners of Fear (2013) Review

FOUR CORNERS OF FEAR is a found footage web series and parody/comedy directed by Eduardo Sánchez and written by the ensemble cast that also stars ...[Read More]


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Welcome to the Jungle (2007) Review

Welcome to the Jungle is a found footage horror film written and directed by Jonathan Hensleigh. The film is a nostalgic callback to the cannibal ...[Read More]

Interview: THE MCPHERSON TAPE Director DEAN ALIOTO (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 080)

This week we interview DEAN ALIOTO director and creator of UFO Abduction (1989) and Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (1998) [a.k.a. The Mc...[Read More]

What We Do in the Shadows Spinoff Coming to TV

The found footage horror comedy What We Do in the Shadows will be coming to television with the spinoff Paranormal Events Response Unit. The 2014 ...[Read More]

7 (2016)

Six individuals arrive on set to take part in an upcoming film production. But once they arrive on set, the rest of the cast and crew are nowhere ...[Read More]

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