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Browse our latest Top found footage film lists and latest poll results! We’ll be adding more poll results and foundfootage film roundups regularly, so check back often!

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Let's face it, UFO visitation movies are fun to watch and spur the imagination. Nothing bolsters a UFO encounter movie more than filming the story as found footage—but why? The very notion that a film…Read More
Sometimes, there are characters in horror movies that, even if they’re not the protagonist, just stand out. We see them and we immediately want to see more of them. They pique our curiosity. In some c…Read More
Sometimes an audience doesn’t get the memo that a work of fiction is just that. Take Orson Welles’ The War of the Worlds (1938), notorious for the panic it caused immediately after its broadcast. It’s…Read More
Remakes will never stop being a lucrative trend in horror. Even if the output might not reach the insane heights it did during the 2000s, stories have been being told and retold on the screen since th…Read More
By: Dan Weatherer Sequels are the movie industry’s favourite cash-cow, and a source of trepidation for fans of original IP’s everywhere. It seems to be the trend that if a new film sells well, a seque…Read More
The leaves are turning color, the air is starting to chill, and October is almost upon us. That's right, Halloween 2017 is fast approaching! What better way to spend the Halloween season than to watch…Read More
The global popularity of found footage horror movies is largely due to the gritty realism offered by the genre. What is scarier than being lulled into believing, even if just for a second, that the fi…Read More
Since the dawn of civilization, stories have been passed down about visitors from other worlds. With the proliferation of mass media, reports of extraterrestrial visitors have only increased in freque…Read More
The vast majority of humans live their lives above ground, going about the humdrum of daily life upon the surface of the Earth. We drive the roads, walk the paths, and sleep in our homes, all the whil…Read More
There's an old adage that nothing binds people together more than family. However, there are some families that are worth steering clear of, which brings us to the catchphrase, "Don't drink the Kool-A…Read More

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