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Found Footage Film Interviews

Check our written interview and podcast interview of found footage film directors, writers, producers, and cast! We are proud to have had an opportunity to interview some of the driving voices in the found footage horror film genre, as well as new budding filmmakers who are producing their first found footage movie.

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Podcast Interview: Phoenix Forgotten (2017) Director Reveals All! Ridley Scott Found Footage UFO Film (Episode 92)

Listen to our exclusive interview of Justin Barber, director of the new Ridley Scott produced found footage film Phoenix Forgotten (2017). This new found foota...[Read More]

Phoenix Forgotten (2017) Director Reveals Secrets of Ridley Scott Found Footage UFO Film! Found Footage Critic

We have an exclusive interview with Justin Barber, the director of the upcoming Ridley Scott-produced found footage film, Phoenix Forgotten. That’s right, we’ve...[Read More]

Interview: BLUMHOUSE.COM Senior Staff Writer GREGORY BURKART

We discuss CREEP 2, UNFRIENDED 2, Found Footage, Blumhouse Tilt, upcoming Blumhouse projects, and lots more!

They’re Watching – Interview with Directors JAY LENDER and MICAH WRIGHT

Found Footage Critic had the opportunity to watch and review the 2016 found footage horror film, They’re Watching. As a follow-up to our review, we had th...[Read More]

Interview with O. Unilateralis (2016) Director Michelle Nessk

Found Footage Critic recently sat down via Skype with writer/director/actor/indie horror auteur Michelle Nessk, who wrote, directed, and starred in the upcoming...[Read More]

UFO: Es Ist Hier (2016) – Interview with Director DANIELE GRIECO

We had the privilege of interviewing Daniele Grieco, director of two pivotal German found footage films UFO Es Ist Hier (2016) and Die Präsenz (2014). Found Foo...[Read More]

Interview: THE MCPHERSON TAPE Director DEAN ALIOTO (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 080)

This week we interview DEAN ALIOTO director and creator of UFO Abduction (1989) and Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (1998) [a.k.a. The McPherson Tape]....[Read More]

Interview: Oren Peli and Eduardo Sanchez Discuss Their Films & Careers

Oren Peli and Eduardo Sanchéz: Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project The Blair Witch Project (1999) and Paranormal Actitivty (2007) are arguably two o...[Read More]

Interview: OREN PELI & EDUARDO SÁNCHEZ (FoundFootageFiles.org Episode 078)

This week we are honored to have special guests EDUARDO SÁNCHEZ and OREN PELI, two creative minds that were instrumental in defining the modern found footage fi...[Read More]

INTERVIEW: BLACK WAKE Director Jeremiah Kipp Talks Zombies and H.P. Lovecraft

In our second round of articles related to the highly anticipated found footage sci-fi/horror film, Black Wake (2016) I had a rare opportunity to sit with Direc...[Read More]

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