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POV Horror

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Found Footage Critic is a proud sponsor of POV Horror, the only video-on-demand streaming app 100% dedicated to found footage films.

POV Horror VOD Streaming App

POV Horror has distribution licenses to over 600 found footage films and exclusive rights to over 70 found footage films.  You can watch POV Horror on the web and most streaming platforms:

POV Horror Exclusive Content

POV Horror owns the global distribution rights to a growing catalog of found footage films from the United States and globally. A selection of titles are available on Amazon Video Direct and Amazon Prime Video. Our team of found footage experts and film editors are painstakingly restoring many long-forgotten classic found footage films and seeking new titles for worldwide distribution.

POV Horror Can Distribute Your Film

If you are the owner of an upcoming or existing horror film that meets the exacting standards for found footage, POV Horror can distribute your film on the Found Footage Film Channel, providing immediate global market penetration and competitive royalties. For select titles, POV Horror also offers global distribution. If you own the exclusive licensing rights to a found footage property or are a distributor seeking to sub-license a found footage property, please contact POV Horror at [email protected]
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POV Horror is available worldwide on most major streaming services. Click on your platform and see what’s playing!

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