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Monetize Your Found Footage Film on POV Horror!

Found Footage Critic has the focused attention of the found footage horror fan community, and the integration of our POV Horror streaming service creates a unique opportunity for indie horror filmmakers to put their found footage film creations in front of thousands of dedicated found footage horror fans around the world. We openly invite filmmakers and studios to submit their found footage films for distribution on our POV Horror VOD streaming channel.

We’re on Roku, FireTV, Apple TV, Google Play, iOS, Android Mobile, Android TV, Chromecast, and web!

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We Love to Screen and Promote New Found Footage Films!

Are you a director or producer making a new found footage film? If so, please let us know. There’s nothing we love more than to review new Found Footage films! We take pride in providing honest and fair reviews of all found footage movies. Our rating system is based primarily on objective-measurable criteria, and is not driven by negative preconceived notions of the found footage genre or personal bias. We support the efforts of indie horror filmmakers and appreciate the creativity and ingenuity independent directors bring to the found footage genre with limited resources and limited budgets.
Learn more about how we define, critique, and rate found footage films:

What We Can Do for You

  • Create a dedicated set of pages for your film (Pages: movie info, images, video links, news)
  • Add your found footage film and trailer to our found footage film database (well over 420 found footage films)
  • Promote your film using our social media accounts followed by thousands of found footage film fans
  • Written review posted on our website and promoted over social media
  • Podcast review on our acclaimed Found Footage Files Podcast

Advertising Space

Get your film in front of an audience of thousands of found footage fans who visit our site. We offer competitive advertising rates that are friendly to the budget conscious directors and producers of found footage films.
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