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Found Footage Film Reviews

Found Footage Film Reviews

Welcome to our found footage film reviews page. This is the best place to find comprehensive, unbiased, objective reviews of found footage horror films. We take pride in providing honest and fair reviews of all found footage movies. Learn more about how we define, critique, and rate found footage films:

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Sickhouse (2016) Review

"Sickhouse" is a found footage horror movie written and directed by Hannah Macpherson. The film takes the form of a series of Snapchat videos shot over a 48 hour period where a group of friends heads out into the wilderness in search of a rumored haunted house known as Sickhouse. For the uninitiated, the fundamental premise behind Snapchat is the posting of temporary videos taken by mobile devices which are permanently deleted immediately after first viewing. Snapchat stories, featured in Sickhouse, are videos which remain online for 24 hours before self-destructing—more on this later.


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Territorial Behavior (2015) Review

“Territorial Behavior” is a found footage film written and directed by Peter Bergin. The film follows a survival specialist filming an instructional video in the Montana wilderness who encounters a mysterious pair of hunters with a hidden agenda.. Territorial Behavior creatively takes the form of a wilderness survival instructional video gone awry. The instructional video is aptly named "Territorial Behavior," the film's namesake. The film opens in the Lolo National Forest with survival specialist Bailey Rhodes (Ronan Murphy) adjusting the focus on his tripod-mounted video camera. Bailey is...[Read More]


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Inner Demons (2014) Review

"Inner Demons" is a found footage horror movie written by Glenn Gers and directed by Seth Grossman. The film follows the crew of an Intervention-style reality TV show shooting a story on a teenage heroine addict, only to find that their primary subject may be fighting more than a drug addiction. Director Seth Grossman previously directed the drama The Elephant King (2006), sci-fi thriller Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations (2009), and comedy $50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story (2014). His experience also includes producing three episodes of the reality TV show, Intervention (2011), a mere three...[Read More]


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Steelmanville Road: A Bad Ben Prequel (2017) Review

Steelmanville Road is a paranormal found footage horror movie written and directed by Nigel Bach. The film is a prequel to Nigel Bach's previous film Bad Ben (2016), and takes place entirely in the same house. The movie depicts what occurred in the months immediately preceding the events of Bad Ben (2016). Steelmanville Road tells the story of Rachel (Jessica Partridge) and Matt (Christopher Partridge), who unexpectedly inherit a house from Rachel's recently deceased birth mother. After moving into the house, the couple is soon plagued by mysterious sounds, objects moving on their own, and ...[Read More]


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Heidi (2016) Review

"Heidi" is a found footage horror film that is written and directed by Daniel Ray. The film follows two high school friends and filmmakers who are tormented by a haunted doll they find in the attic of someone's house. Heidi is Director Daniel Ray's first feature film and second directorial effort., the first being a video documentary. It is not uncommon for found footage film directors to have some documentary experience, which eases the transition to filming in the genre. Heidi is a mashup of found footage and Child's Play (1988)—think found footage Chucky. Some of the cinematic elements ...[Read More]


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Phoenix Forgotten Review: Blair Witch Meets Close Encounters in Ridley Scott Found Footage UFO Film!

"Phoenix Forgotten" is a found footage film written by T.S. Nowlin, directed by Justin Barber, and produced by Ridley Scott. The film follows a documentary filmmaker who finds lost footage of her brother who went missing while investigating the Phoenix Lights incident some twenty years earlier. On March 13, 1997, thousands of people reported seeing a series of lights flying in formation over the city of Phoenix, Arizona—an event now referred to as the Phoenix Lights. Ridley Scott’s latest production is a fictionalized found footage account of what might have actually happened on that spring...[Read More]


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Atrocious (2010) Review


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909 Experiment (2000) Review

"909 Experiment" is a found footage paranormal horror film and mockumentary written and directed by Wayne A. Smith. The film follows two graduate students who are paid $300 to spend 72 hours in a haunted house and record any paranormal activity as part of an ongoing research study. The details behind the making and production of 909 Experiment are shrouded in as much mystery as the subject matter of the film itself. 909 Experiment was never publicly released. Found Footage Critic has made a diligent effort to contact the director, actors, or anyone affiliated with the original production, b...[Read More]


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The Rake (2011) Review

"The Rake" is a found footage short film written and directed by Kenneth Collins that delves into the Rake, a legendary creature that is now an integral part of the Slender Man mythos. The film follows three friends who head deep into the forests of Washington state only to discover that they are being stalked by an unseen predator. The Rake owes it's existence to a creepypasta meme of unknown authorship. Since the creature made its inaugural appearance in the original April 29, 2009 post, subsequent fan contributions tied the creature to the Slender Man universe. In the years that followed...[Read More]


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The Phoenix Incident (2015) Review

"The Phoenix Indecent" is a found footage film and mockumentary written and directed by Keith Arem. The film is structured as a documentary investigation of the events leading up to and following the disappearance of four campers on March 14, 1997, the date of the famous Phoenix Lights incident. This film is the first of three found footage features created about the Phoenix Lights incident in as many years. In 2015, The Phoenix Incident had its theatrical release. In 2016, The Phoenix Tapes' 97 (2016) was released. In 2017 a third found footage treatment of the event is due out called Phoe...[Read More]

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