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Paranormal Investigations Films (Germany Distribution)

Paranormal Investigations Series The Paranormal Investigations series is a collection of movies from different studios and rebranded under a new name (Paranormal Investigations) for distribution in Germany. The films are completely unrelated except for their common theme involving hauntings and possession. Found Footage: Paranormal Investigations 2: Gacy House (2010) [aka 8213: Gacy House (2010)] ...

Raw Films

Raw Series The Raw series are a collection of found footage films from Germany. The series was created and directed by Marcel Walz and follows investigations into the legend of Grete Müller and a haunted forest. Click here to visit the movie franchise page!

Paranormal Demons (2017) User Reviews

Paranormal Demons (2017) Write A Review

Paranormal Demons (2017) Videos

Paranormal Demons (2017)

A group of young adults interested in scary happenings wants to film the first episode of their web show “Paranormal Demons” in an old building which was not inhabited for many years. But after entering the mansion they notice that they are not alone. Something is hunting inside the building, and his prey has just arrived.

Five Find Your Limit (2016) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Found footage film where a group of five individuals are placed under extreme circumstances, testing their limits of their resolve. They must work together on common objectives and complete common goals, and common challenges. Five Find Your Limit (2016) – Found Footage Movie Trailer Five Find Your Limit (2016) is a found footage horror movie How We Critique and Rate Found Footage Films Foun...

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