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paranormal investigator

WNUF Halloween Special (2013) Review

WNUF Halloween Special is a found footage horror-comedy directed by Chris La Marina and written by LaMartina, Jimmy George, Pat Storck, and Michael Joseph Moran. The film takes the form of a VHS recording of a Halloween night special broadcast on local TV station in 1987. Director Chris LaMarina’s filmography reveals a taste for horror-comedy, anthology films, and nostalgia. He previously creat...

Rorschach (2015) Review

"Rorschach" is a paranormal found footage film written and directed by C.A. Smith. The movie follows paranormal investigators Ricky and Ross (played by Ricky Lee Barnes and Ross Compton respectively) as they investigate the home of Jamy (Jamy Gillespie) and her young daughter Ashlynn (Ashlynn Allen). Jamy invites Ricky and Ross to her home, explaining that she and Ashlynn recently moved into th...

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